If you are looking for a notary for a seller signing for property, look no further! ProLink is a nationwide notary service that specializes in seller signings related to the real estate market. We assist with forms like:
Sellers HUD– A form used across the US to break down the fees associated with a real estate transaction.
Sellers Estimated Closing Statement – Similar to a HUD, this breaks down all the fees and costs associated with the transaction. This is often used for California properties.
Escrow Instructions
593-C – This is a California withholding forms that helps verify if capital gains are to be collected.
1099S – This is an IRS form. It is used to report proceeds from the sale of real estate.
Grant Deed – This is a recorded document that grants real estate from the selling party to the buying party. This document is notarized.
Natural Hazard Disclosures – These are a series of reports that describe, in detail, property information for a property. A property in a flood hazard area would be disclosed in this report.
Payoff Demands – These are demands issued by the sellers bank to verify the balance left on a home mortgage. The escrow officer uses this as a final bill for any current mortgage on a property.
1031 Exchanges – These are special transactions that include selling one type of property and buying another like kind property for investment purposes.
Short Sale Affidavits – Used to verify the approval of a lender in a short sale transaction.

Our notaries will insure all these documents are correctly signed and notarized the first time!

We have assisted in closing thousands of seller signings across all parts of the US. Escrow companies call on our services daily for this type of signing. We are here and ready to help you so contact us today!